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Thus, this thesis hypothesizes that the EU approach of protecting the creator itself versus the AU approach of defending the entire public domain of news content will be reflected in consultation submissions. ” in the EU versus AU consultation submissions (Entman, 1991). While there is existing literature that empirically demonstrates the benefits and threats of news aggregators as well as a body of literature advocating for a re-framing of the news aggregator debate, no studies have systematically extracted the frames put forth by stakeholders. Search volume index graphs for the term “(bird flu)” worldwide and in the United States are shown in Figures 8and 9, respectively. Devlin (2017, online) contends that those working in the big data and analytics industries are perhaps the least likely to be surprised that political figures or parties would try to use algorithms to influence public behaviour in their favour, saying that “the application – both overt and covert – of technology to affect election outcomes was arguably inevitable” (Devlin 2017, online).

This is true whether you are spending one hundred dollars, twenty dollars or fifty cents. The rRMSE provides an estimate of the prediction error relative to the number of true cases observed in each week over the evaluation period, and, from our perspective, allows for better comparisons across models and time horizons. The increase in local news consumption diminishes over time, however, and in the longer run most of the additional local news consumption derives from increased Google News usage. It is indisputable that search engines and social media increase the number of ideas, viewpoints, opinions and perspectives available to citizens taking part in democratic processes. We find that users who adopt the localization feature subsequently increase their usage of Google News, which in turn leads to additional consumption of local news. In particular, this section draws on the work of Frederic Kaplan who argues that AdWords constitutes a form of ‘linguistic capitalism’ (2014, p 58), in the tradition of Post-Fordism; the conclusion of which is that Google’s mode of advertising is having a widespread effect on all language usage on the web. For each country, we produced out-of-sample predictions for the one, two, and three-week ahead time-horizons with the four models introduced in the previous section.

Plots comparing model predictions with the official Zika case count, by time horizon and country, are shown in Figs 1-3. Table 2 summarizes the out-of-sample predictive performance of the four models for each of the three week-ahead time horizons and for all countries, as captured by the three evaluation metrics. The user-centered design process included a design workshop, the sketching of a lo-fi prototype, a first think-aloud evaluation of the lo-fi prototype, adjustments and a second think-aloud evaluation of an implemented prototype app.The implementation part investigated what challenges are presented when implementing the interface in a real product (the official Firstonsite app). The task notification interface was implemented into the Android version of the app. Task notifications for crowd-sourced news photographing – challenges when designing and implementing a push notification interface in a mobile phone appThis report describes a degree project carried out in conjunction with Dynabyte Labs AB’s project Firstonsite, during the spring of 2013. Firstonsite is a system through which users in the streets can upload newsworthy footage via a mobile phone app.

The official Firstonsite app had been created using JavaScript and AngularJS within a cross-platform PhoneGap environment. Challenges when setting up the solution include finding the right files and which files to manipulate, receiving push notifications from Urban Airship, receiving the push notifications within PhoneGap’s JavaScript environment from the native Android environment, extracting data variables from the message and to encode the message in the right way when sending it from one’s own website to Urban Airship. The implementation main challenges include choosing the right solution and setting it up. The research setting of the EU and AU was selected because the two governments have differing conceptions of copyright stemming from their respective civil law and common law legal traditions. 243), this thesis will offer a systematic mapping of current frames and draw connections to both jurisdictions’ legal conceptions of copyright. The results generated by this analysis will aim to inform future stakeholder framing already being considered in other news markets around the globe, including the United States.

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