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By randomly assigning coverage in an online context, we can assess attitudes before and after exposure to scandal news, enabling us to make causal inferences. The company has the ability to identify a candidate that best suits its needs, identify undecided voters and send them customised search results tailored to make the candidate look better, while nobody – candidate, voter or regulator – is any the wiser (Epstein 2014, online). Australia’s parliament passed a law on Thursday to make Google and Facebook pay media companies for content on their platforms in reforms that many countries are looking to replicate and are setting global precedents. A pro-Trump Facebook page incorrectly named a person as the shooter, and the story became the first result on Google’s search page on the subject (ABC 2017, online). “This should not have appeared,” a Google spokesperson later said, as the information was removed from its search results (ABC 2017, online).

Algorithms offer many benefits to the democracies of Western societies, but often in a way that have many more advantages for institutions than they do for individual users of digital technologies (Ellis 2016, online). Multiple former staffers confirmed that one way to handle such cases was to let the publisher onto Google News and then manually flag the page so that it ranked lower on Google News. Google denies this and says there is no way to internally identify or flag a site as biased or untrustworthy. And Google executives have said that more than 1 billion people visit the Google News site every week. Long accustomed to guarding their computer algorithms and business practices in secrecy, the tech companies have adopted a similar “black-box” approach for their news services. One person gave an example of having to dig pretty deep to figure out that a “tech news” site was actually reselling phones.

One person talked about a local news site whose editor got angry after being rejected. Still, there were cases where a publication “followed the criteria for news, but had a really clear and obvious bias,” one person said. If someone searched specifically for that publication on Google News, however, it would pop up. But Google recently introduced a limited type of fact-checking to Google News. Fact-checking individual articles, however, was not part of the reviewer’s job. Google doesn’t do the fact-checking itself. Business Insider spoke to a handful of former members of the Google News team to get a better understanding of how today’s information gatekeepers decide which news the public sees. Some members of the team had journalism bona fides, others came from the world of customer service, and still others were contractors based in India or other parts of the world. Decisions about which publications were worthy of being included on the Google News site were not always as obvious – or as transparent – as the public guidelines, several former members said. Sometimes spam was easy to spot, like when a site looked completely amateurish.

Much like Facebook, Google has been criticised for data mining, and, on several occasions, taken to court for mismanaging users’ data (Smith 2016, online). The short response to the two inquiries is no. In any case, I will begin utilizing Google News close to Apple News and will probably now drop different news aggregators that are less convincing. Whenever you are delivery information see the location, time and frequency. On Apple News, you’ll see it under your “saved” tab. On Google News, a story you save for later will appear under your “favorites” tab. For iPhone users, you can even AirDrop a story you find in Apple News. The Google News product, which was released in 2002, has one major difference from Google’s standard web search engine: Only publications that have been reviewed and approved by Google’s human staffers and special news algorithms can appear in Google News. Well, it’s great to have the interest in technology and its corresponding applications.

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