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Next time you are perusing the news to find out about a particular story, or you want to know the details behind a big sports game, the Stock Market, a political campaign, or current events in Japan – use Google News, and find the most relevant news sources in seconds. “I honestly think their big interest is that they want a healthy news environment,” he said. Ultimately, we came up with the following list of top 10 best news APIs. As per your search history, Google will automatically provide you with the best content suggestions of what you might be looking to search. Several news executives said they are prodding the tech giants to pay more for content and to further prioritize original reporting. Google’s not alone in this effort: Facebook also kickstarted a $300 million initiative to provide grants to local newsrooms and only recently began paying larger publishers directly to supply content to its curated Facebook News tab. The company’s public announcements account for $80.3 million, a quarter of which went to a program that helps local newsrooms attract more digital subscribers. On June 7, under a settlement with France’s antitrust watchdog, Google agreed to share more data with ad buyers broadly – therefore reducing some of its competitive advantage over publishers.

The company, which said it expects to spend the full $300 million by year’s end, lists over 6,250 “news partners” in the project, ranging from the Associated Press and BuzzFeed News to the Cook Islands News in the South Pacific. An executive at the Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina, said a Google-funded training “lab” helped the paper determine the volume and price of digital subscribers that would cover expenses. “We are a free service that is available to anyone to post content,” Brown said. Price: The Google News Search API is available for free. Price: The API is offered for free. Price: We examined the cost of implementing each of the APIs. API features: We reviewed the outstanding features of each of the APIs. For example, the Archive API lists the publication’s articles on a month-by-month basis from 1851 to today, the Article Search API allows you to search for headlines and other details from 1851 to today, the Books API provides details of book reviews, and the Most Popular API provides lists of the publication’s most popular articles. Google has something called “Google Base” which allows you to describe your products or services on your site that Google will make searchable.

The News API is a simple API that allows you to search more than 30,000 news outlets from around the world. The Internet is full of news outlets that you can use to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the world. With the current increase in Internet usage, most people are abandoning traditional media – such as newspapers and televisions – and heading online to quench their thirst for the latest news. In this way the sales of your products and services will increase and you can earn high amount of profit for your business. Most likely the explanation being info technological innovation is all about new and progressive technology, for this reason, off with the conventional way of disseminating information and information and use technological innovation alone as the mode of delivering advances and pertinent information in the information technological innovation world. During elections, political parties can use online nudging to influence voters in a major way. You can use it to display topics, headlines, trending stories, URLs, and other news items from Google searches. For example, you can use the API to know the trending stories in the New York Times, new articles published about a product, or a company reviewed by a blog recently.

Facebook, a social media goliath, and Google, by far the world’s most popular search engine, generated $607 billion in advertising revenue during the last three years, according to company filings. In a message posted on Pastebin, the Iranian man who in March hacked into the certificate authority Comodo to steal SSL certificates for Google, Yahoo, Skype and Microsoft took credit for the DigiNotar breach. At Cityside, a nonprofit in Oakland, California, co-founder Lance Knobel said he used $1.56 million from Google to help launch and support an online local news website, Oaklandside. Facebook has said that its $300 million has been fully spent, more than half of it in support of local news. The two platforms have released limited information so far about how the $600 million in grants and services has been spent, often offering broad descriptions or examples without financial details. Google has publicly identified buckets of spending worth about $198 million – including $81 million aimed at “elevating quality journalism” such as training on how to use Google products in reporting. 4,499, which was the price of the Google Home Mini at launch in India.

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