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It is easy to learn and get started with and can be slowly introduced into existing projects which means that your investment in existing skills and technology will be preserved and will be taken care off. You can also sort the results according to the date published, the popularity of the publication source, or relevancy of the search keyword. During the last stages of campaigning by Trump and Clinton, it was obvious that Facebook’s news algorithm was not able to distinguish between real news and completely fabricated news: “the sort of tall tales, groundless conspiracy theories, and oppositional propaganda that, in the Cenozoic era, circulated mainly via forwarded e-mails” (Heller 2016, online). Huvila argues that rather than seeing individuals as rational information seekers, what ‘counts in the contemporary affective economy of knowing, is the affective attachment to a sensation of being able to know’ (Huvila, 2016, p 577). However, although affect must have a significant bearing on the spread of fake news, it is difficult to establish a clear understanding of how and why fake news gained traction, with readers, in the way that it did. Although politically focused content is a recent adaptation, the culture of seeing this kind of activity as a sustainable job had been established for years in Veles.

Hannah Parkinson’s report in the The Guardian described the Veles fake news writers as young people who were simply ‘non-partisan kids looking for cash just catering to demand’ (2016). Many of the individuals producing fake news about the election had already been earning a good living from advertising revenue of websites aimed at an American audience. The fake news writers might not be directly taking money from individuals but they are making money from misleading those in more economically affluent countries. This kind of relationship between individuals and institutions operationalised through international flows of information, labour, and capital exemplifies a Post-Fordist logic outlined at the start of this article. It also offers advanced search, spell checker, snap shots, knows, news, stock quotes, space and video information, images, flight and train schedules including other locally generated information. Fake news is not considered criminal in the way that 419 scams are; however, both activities articulate similar characteristics of a globalised online space. Instead, fake news functions by both fixing certain norms and acting as the commodity that matches such a demand; however, such a demand is exacerbated, rather than fulfilled.

The key part of this innovation is understanding and applying an individual user’s search and curiosity pattern to replace the current norms of understanding just a single query. These norms and values are part of another element of Post-Fordist labour: affective capitalism. If this article were to focus directly on the kind of employment of those writing fake news stories, a Post-Fordist lens would highlight the immaterial, flexible, individualised nature of that work. Fabricated stories or not, all creation of online content, whether news or opinion, is a form of precarious employment that foregrounds various aspects of Post-Fordism, many of which lie outside the scope of this article. In 2011 Ceselkoski began teaching courses in creating viral media and coaching other individuals, for significant tuition fees, in viral content creation and ways of driving Facebook engagements. In taking a large-scale economic focus, this article outlines the economic and advertising-dependent incentives behind the creation and proliferation of fake news, but does not address the smaller-scale actions of individuals, rational or otherwise, on which such a proliferation depends. ‘those sensory experiences of movement and feeling that are part of the social, cultural and psychological experience of individuals, but which lie beyond the directly signifying properties of discourse.

The creators reinvest part of their earnings to buy fake Facebook profiles and by paying Facebook directly to promote their pages. Facebook’. Here, Facebook benefits in two ways. Some SEO and algorithm experts have mentioned in SEO articles & news that one of the ways to tackle this issue is by using business descriptors in the “Google my business page” title. One thing that can get you banned from Google, meaning your site cannot be found when searched, is trying to put hidden keywords on your page to get a higher ranking – words that your visitors cannot see, but that the search engines can see. ‘in the early 2000s. He built seven or eight websites-about muscle cars or celebrities or superyachts, all oriented toward the American reader, because an American reader is roughly three times more valuable than a non-American one. As a result of more people getting their news from an algorithm-driven news feed, traditional journalism has been greatly affected by the rise of Facebook. These all tests are clear that Android operating system would definitely more faster than Apple’s iOS 6 and it runs with Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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