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I didn’t know how to build that so instead I started building little tools,” Mark Zuckerberg said (Carson 2016, online) about the origins of the website that would turn into a 300 billion dollar company. Indian SEO Companies are offering result driven, cost effective website promotion services globally, delivering Top Search Engine ranking for your firms / companies website. As a result of more people getting their news from an algorithm-driven news feed, traditional journalism has been greatly affected by the rise of Facebook. The result of this is a large degree of societal polarisation, resulting in sections of society who have little in common and have no method by which to understand each other’s beliefs. Western democracies have a liberal left and a conservative right, with “neither being exposed to the reasoned arguments of the other” (Samler 2017, online). The availability of all this data means algorithms are increasingly being used to sort and categorise it all, as well to make public policy and other decisions (O’Neil 2016, p.1).

Companies now use algorithms to help them decide who they should hire, banks use them to work out to whom to provide loans, and, increasingly, governments use them to make major policy decisions. Whenever you use the Internet, a lot websites you visit redirect you. Since then, it has organised every single piece of information on the Internet, and it continues to add many millions more to its searchable database every day (Vise & Malseed 2005, p.3). According to the site’s own statistics, an average user spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook, Facebook Messenger or Instagram and has 150 Facebook friends (Facebook, online). Fake news can be defined as “a political story which is seen as damaging to an agency, entity or person” (Merriam Webster Dictionary 2017, online), and the concept and its proliferation on various platforms, including Facebook, has been forced into the public domain by President Trump and the election from which he emerged victorious. SMM experts create your social networking and community profiles on major social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace, Twitter etc to offer you an opportunity to engage with clients on a one-to-one basis. A bit of background on authentication certificates: DigiNotar, like all certificate authorities, issues digital Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates of trust to websites that authenticate themselves to browsers, which is necessary to establish a secure, HTTPS connection.

The second level allows you to earn money from recommending other people to use this for their websites. People can enjoy the news and reading different content on the sites with the help of this user-friendly browser. Until 2012, the site kept advertisements separate from its users’ personal content and did not share any information with marketing agencies. Then those people can be targeted with more advertisements and for appeals for funding. People from Punjab are known for zeal and enthusiasm for any task they take in their hand. With the patent rights of Project in the hands, Google Glass apps are free applications built by third-party developers. Developers can find full implementation details here. The developers of this application have built in a font and rendering technology which enables better viewing results on an iPhone too. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing this is happening to you and thereby decreasing your own page rank unless you check your link partners on occasion to make sure that the sites you are linking to have not been blacklisted by Google. Professional Link building services have been utilizing rss feeds as part of a balanced link building campaign to achieve first page Google listings.

Interestingly, on 30th September 2017, Zuckerberg made a post on his personal Facebook page for the end of Yom Kippur, apologising and seeking forgiveness for any of the ways that his organisation has been “used to divide people rather than bring us together” (Facebook 2017, online). Facebook is now a “monumentally influential force in the fabric of modern life” (Statt 2017, online), and there now exists Facebook electioneering by major political candidates like Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and French President Macron, of which algorithms play a huge part. Remember, Internet marketing is a business like any other business, so treat it like one and you’ll find huge success. This seems like a fairly obvious business model, but research has shown that many users are unaware of this. He also denied that Facebook confounded the problem of its users living in an information ‘filter bubble’, even through his own company quietly released the results of a study in 2015 which showed exactly the opposite of which was true (Tufekci 2015, p.9), and another study has shown that users are much less likely to click on content that challenges their beliefs (Tufekci 2015, p.9). While Facebook is described as ‘social media’, it is important to remember that its success it premised on using increasingly sophisticated techniques to target users by predicting the content they’ll want to read and watch, “along with the stuff they’ll want to buy from advertisers” (Ellis 2016, online).

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