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The second research questions asked: To what extent, if any, can users of new and digital media be manipulated by algorithms to think or act in certain ways? The third research question asked: To what extent do search engine algorithms affect democracy in Western societies? The fourth research question asked: Which website, networking service or search engine is most likely to affect democracy through its use of algorithms? Its search engine’s algorithm is designed to produce results based on a user’s previous searches, which, similar to that of Facebook, perpetuates the ‘filter bubble’ and is designed to soak up as much information about the user in order to target advertisements and generate revenue. Facebook’s algorithm also perpetuates the ‘filter bubble’ method of news feed generation, in which users are rarely, if ever, exposed to information that is contrary to their personal beliefs. Twitter allows news stories from untrustworthy sources to “spread like wildfire over networks of family and friends” (Howard 2016, online). The form you fill in allows you to change, whenever you like your website title, description and category encase you are worried that the huge rise in backlinks will get you banned from Google. The YouTube Music app, on the other hand, is an entirely new release that will make its debut on Samsung’s new Wear OS watches.

Bots and automated accounts are very easy to make (Campbell-Dollaghan 2016, online), and can amplify misinformation in a political campaign. During the 2016 US presidential election, 20% of all political tweets made during the three televised political debates were made by bots (Campbell-Dollaghan 2016, online), or a piece of software designed to execute commands with a particular goal. It was unclear where many of the bots came from or who created them, making it easier to spread fake news stories and potentially influence public opinion. Between smart phones such as iPhones and Blackberries and the use of desktops and laptops people are simply reading the news via the most popular articles that capture their attention online. The recent UK Prime Ministerial election saw both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn use Instagram to a small degree, with surveys showing Corbyn’s use was more effective, although this could also be explained by the fact that younger people are more likely to vote Labour (Kenningham 2017, online). Much like the Facebook news feed algorithm, Instagram’s algorithm has been described as being “mysterious, yet ingenious and brilliant at showing the best content to the best people” (Lua 2017, online).

You can simply do it by typing in the heading of the news on Google. Unfortunately you have no way of knowing this is happening to you and thereby decreasing your own page rank unless you check your link partners on occasion to make sure that the sites you are linking to have not been blacklisted by Google. The bleeding edge of mid 2000’s front end mindset that most always tells the visitors to the resultant sites to go plow themselves. In 2014, Google found evidence of child pornography in one of its user’s e-mail accounts and reported the person to the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States, resulting in an arrest (Matterson 2014, online). There is no evidence for such direct manipulation, but favouritism can happen ‘organically’ on Google’s search engine – this is what the company claimed was the cause of Barack Obama’s consistently high rankings in the months just before the 2008 and 2012 elections (Epstein 2014, online). A 2010 study conducted on a group of Americans’ preferences for either Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott (people the test subjects were unfamiliar with) as the ideal candidate for the position of Prime Minister of Australia found that they made their choice based on search rankings (Epstein 2014, online).

The reality is that a lot of people quite just before the success takes place. Its success does not rely on the ability or need to distinguish between quality, truthful information and dishonest, fake information – as long as users are engaged regularly and for lengthy periods, it can sell a large amount of advertisements and its financial success is certain. If you are also into Android development then you should also give a serious look to accept Kotlin and start using it for mobile apps development for Android platform. Accessing this place using Android OS based phone is as quicker as blinking eyes. In order to develop the web using python the requisites are similar to that of Java and here it need not require the use of Eclipse or Maven. Rather than complimenting each other, social networks and RSS feeds seem to be competing, and Facebook and Twitter are winning! These examples of how Twitter is being used to spread information or misinformation strongly suggests that it should now be regarded as a media company. The company’s Vice President Marissa Mayer appeared in a 2011 YouTube video telling an audience how her company regularly, and unashamedly, puts its own services as the top of search results (Howie 2011, online).

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