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This seems like a fairly obvious business model, but research has shown that many users are unaware of this. He also denied that Facebook confounded the problem of its users living in an information ‘filter bubble’, even through his own company quietly released the results of a study in 2015 which showed exactly the opposite of which was true (Tufekci 2015, p.9), and another study has shown that users are much less likely to click on content that challenges their beliefs (Tufekci 2015, p.9). Zuckerberg rejects the idea that his company played a role in spreading ‘fake news’ about political candidates, by saying in an interview: “Voters make decisions based on their lived experience” (Newton 2016, online). Zuckerberg then committed to his company doing more to fighting the spread of fake news and vowed it would be an “arbiter of truth” (Jain 2016, online), while also stating that he runs a “tech company, not a media company” (Samler 2017, online). The collection of data, and the profits of around $40 billion a year it makes from these practices, is concerning to many users of Google, despite the fact the company claims it uses data mining techniques to “find more efficient algorithms for working with massive data sets, developing privacy-preserving methods for classification, or designing new machine learning approaches” (Google 2017, online).

Following United States government whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s leaks, Google’s users have become more savvy to how the site collects and users their data, and critics have labelled the company’s data mining methods as “purely to benefit Google” (Miller 2012, online). Google has 88% of the market share in search and search advertising (Hazen 2017, online), and combined with Facebook, has more than a billion regular users. Since then, it has organised every single piece of information on the Internet, and it continues to add many millions more to its searchable database every day (Vise & Malseed 2005, p.3). After going public in 2004, its value and influence grew exponentially, and it began to challenge Microsoft’s dominance in the online world (Vise & Malseed 2005, p.3), overtaking it as the most visited site on the web in 2007 (Strickland 2017, online). While finding news that fits a user’s news feed, Facebook’s algorithms can create other problems, including the “voracious appetite for personal data” (Ellis 2016, online) ad-supported services such as Facebook need to keep their predictions going.

The potential for abuse is high when algorithms are unregulated and can be used by anyone with the money to invest in them. Bucher explains that “examining how algorithms make people feel … It is partly because of the colossal amounts of users and data with which it operates that Google’s algorithms are so complex. “Unregulated search rankings could pose a significant threat to a democratic system of government,” says Forbes writer Tim Worstall (2013, online), while Hazen (2017, online) explains how Google’s “relentless pursuit of efficiency leads these companies to treat all media as a commodity”. By using our highly focused social media optimization services such as forum posting, blog commenting, social bookmarking, article marketing, press release distribution and classified ads distribution we generate awareness and popularity for a website, service or product through the medium of various social media platforms which lets you accomplish your challenging branding and online reputation goals. Additionally, movements can be organised on social media, including women’s marches in 2017, which saw about five million women march globally as a result of online organisation (Vestager 2017, online). Critics of how social media giants generate their users’ news feeds have said that these organisations need to accept the fact that they are no longer solely technology platforms, but media platforms too (Samler 2017, online).

This is followed by profile building, descriptions writing, profile posts and notes submission, and other activities to make you accessible by other members and searchable across the media. Traffic to Google is the best way to make your website visible. Because goofy paint programs like Photoshop are not “design tools” and any ARTIST vomiting up pictures of what a website MIGHT look like are generally so ignorant of accessibility, usability, and just plain sensibility that they are incapable of ACTUALLY designing a blasted thing. This is why services like Netvibes are so important to the survival of RSS, it essentially takes a ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ attitude and includes everything in one place. The monopolization of news distribution is arguably not of Facebook’s own doing, as such a high number of people use it globally, and media companies have no real choice but to use it as a way of interacting with news consumers, but the way that Facebook feels about how news feeds are generated can differ from one day to the next. The sensors can get data and communicate their results with warning to the person wearing it.

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