Seductive Google News Showcase

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The company’s public announcements account for $80.3 million, a quarter of which went to a program that helps local newsrooms attract more digital subscribers. An executive at the Post and Courier in Charleston, South Carolina, said a Google-funded training “lab” helped the paper determine the volume and price of digital subscribers that would cover expenses. Under the Facebook Journalism Project, for instance, Reuters received funding to develop a digital media training course for journalists. Google has publicly identified buckets of spending worth about $198 million – including $81 million aimed at “elevating quality journalism” such as training on how to use Google products in reporting. Additionally, movements can be organised on social media, including women’s marches in 2017, which saw about five million women march globally as a result of online organisation (Vestager 2017, online). Smith (2017, online) agrees, noting that “The insidious thing about information pollution is that it uses the Internet’s strengths, like openness and decentralization, against it”, and that misinformation is a potential “global environmental disaster” that impacts everyone. In the same way that accurate information can be presented to the public to influence the way they think or act, incorrect information can do the same thing.

This maybe an easy thing to do and yet it is remarkable how numerous folks ignore creating an RSS channel. This application is a RSS feeder that pulls many different topics about the Soccer World Cup. The goal of the Facebook Journalism Project, as it is known, is to help publishers “effectively transition to and prosper in today’s digital world where they have to find a very specific audience in order to be successful,” said Campbell Brown, head of news partnerships at Facebook. Under Canberra’s proposed legislation, Google and Facebook would have to pay Australian publishers and broadcasters for content included in search results or news feeds as well. Promoting companys’ primary website in tandem with positive pages is a tried and tested method as well as would delivery fruitful results. But if you have to survive the Google Panda updates, there’s more to the game than just making your web pages more colorful and audio-visual. On Aug. 30, the news broke that a hacker calling himself “Comodohacker” made off with a Google authentication certificate on July 19, which allowed him to set up fraudulent Web pages under a legitimate Google domain name and harvest the personal information of anyone who visited his spoofed sites.

One stolen Google website authentication certificate would have been reason enough for Web users to worry, but it turns out last week’s security breach at the Dutch certificate authority DigiNotar is far more damaging than first thought, and could signal a new and extremely dangerous cyber crime threat. Facebook has said that its $300 million has been fully spent, more than half of it in support of local news. Some critics dismissed the projects, including contributions of $300 million from each company, as a way to blunt complaints from publishers and generate good PR. Other publishers are dissatisfied or ambivalent, viewing the tech goliaths as both friend and foe. Sometimes tech news isn’t about the latest thing, it’s about the best way to use something that already exists. Google News looks a lot different with the latest update, but it shouldn’t be too hard to get acclimated. By far the best of the lot for Daily news updates and Breaking News. Last month, Reuters said it had signed a deal with Google to be the first global news provider to Google News Showcase.

With the legislation now before a parliamentary inquiry, Friday’s launch of News Showcase in Australia will see it pay seven domestic outlets, including the Canberra Times, to use their content. Only rolled out previously in Brazil and Germany, the News Showcase platform was originally slated for launch last June. June 10 (Reuters) – Facing regulatory and political pressure, Facebook and Alphabet Inc’s Google in recent years committed a combined $600 million to support news outlets globally – many of them local or regional enterprises foundering in a digital age. But several media analysts and news business executives told Reuters that the funding – set to last three years – does not nearly compensate for the tens of billions of dollars publishers lost as the tech companies gobbled up the digital advertising market. Bob D Williams has been involved in the seo field for over ten years. This is where top quality and keyword rich SEO article writing steps in.

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