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Punjab has the most fertile land in the whole India that has resulted from the riverbanks. A better search engine would not have required this ad, and possibly resulted in the loss of the revenue from the airline to the search engine. In general, it could be argued from the consumer point of view that the better the search engine is, the fewer advertisements will be needed for the consumer to find what they want. AdWords is the auction system that provides advertising in the form of sponsored results that fill the top or side of a Google search result. AdWords advertisements, in aiming to be relevant, need to replicate the current outlook of a user, or successfully predict their context, in order to be given a high-quality score. In this regard, Google have not gone back on their original statement; however, the problem remains: if a set of results is good enough, a user will never need to click on the sponsored link.

In order to develop the web using python the requisites are similar to that of Java and here it need not require the use of Eclipse or Maven. Even if users are not explicitly altering the language they use online, anyone who uses the web communicates in a context where economic value alters every part of their linguistic landscape. Despite the plans of the founders for Google to remain in the academic realm, Google generates revenue when users click on advertisements, not when users find successful answers to their queries. That the majority of Google’s revenue comes from the advertising through its search engine should be surprising, given that the original plan for Google’s search engine was diametrically opposed to advertising. In the original vision outlined by Brin and Page, advertisements are always an indication of failure, but today represent the overwhelming majority of Google’s revenue. Therefore, both Google and its business customers have strong economic incentives for the advertisements to succeed. Users may be completely unaware of this process of linguistic reification but still navigate an uneven digital space in which there are economic incentives that prioritise some words and ideas and deprioritise others. In their paper, Brin and Page specifically took aim at search engines that mixed their results together so that users could not see which of the results had been paid for and which were freely chosen by the search engine.

The regions, cities, and languages with the highest search volume are displayed on the bottom of the page. Simply sending out Facebook advertisements to see how they are received can help a political party shape its manifesto (Kuper 2017, online). However, early on in their business, Google started using advertisements to fund their search engine. So, for example, in a search for ‘craft ale’ (see Fig. 2) Amazon might have set the highest bid for that phrase but it is listed underneath two smaller but more specialised craft beer sellers, with higher quality scores. An auction occurs every time a query is searched and balances the amount of money automatically bid by a company, against an automated quality score, given by Google. It so happened that the airline had placed an expensive ad, linked to the query that was its name. For example, we noticed a major search engine would not return a large airline’s homepage when the airline’s name was given as a query.

It’s name makes it sound money-related but it doesn’t have anything to do with money management. You don’t want to spend your hard earned money on something that you can’t use. If a user clicks on one of these sponsored advertisements, the company being advertised pays Google; if not, no money is exchanged. It’s like taking a loan, pre-order, contribution or investments from more than one person at the same time. 1st off, the term weblog is the shortened “world wide web log.” Most of the time, this is preserved by a person or often a team of folks who constantly supply entries of matters, events, feedback and other issues about a particular theme or topic. In focusing on how AdWords reifies language online and how AdSense incentivises fake news, this article demonstrates two examples in which all web users are impacted by Post-Fordist effects, even if their lives could not seem further from that of the example outlined above. Google has guidelines for prohibited AdWords content,Footnote 6 which mostly relate to more general country specific laws.Footnote 7 In addition, the process of having to choose from a pre-established list of products and services means that many taboo grey areas are condensed into more general subjects and thus implicitly censored.

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