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To cure it, you’ve got to fix the infected settings on your computer. These expert technicians make sure that the computer would be able to perform to its full potential for a long time. This app can help smart phone users to access the lotus notes and Google services at the same time. Google has guidelines for prohibited AdWords content,Footnote 6 which mostly relate to more general country specific laws.Footnote 7 In addition, the process of having to choose from a pre-established list of products and services means that many taboo grey areas are condensed into more general subjects and thus implicitly censored. This will also specify various fish species which are endangered and thus warn you to save them. This two-part study examines the extent to which US college students are aware of news personalization, and the actions and criteria that affect news selection and prioritization. The AdWords accreditation has even been added as a component of many Business Masters (MBA) degrees.Footnote 11 Google also supplies funding to those institutions awarding MBAs through their ‘Google Online Marketing Challenge’Footnote 12 which strengthens links between universities, professors, and students with Google AdWords and in turn strengthens Google’s hegemony.

Not only are all words and phrases available to anyone, the auction winners are not even necessarily the highest bidder. Such an expansion then has an effect on all language used online, not just trademarks or particular phrases associated with companies or products. The advertising model of AdWords, therefore, encourages companies into an association with language whereby a company does not connect their product with a specific slogan but to an unlimited range of words, at various times in specified locations. In order for an advertising company to work as a ‘Google Partner’, they need to employ at least two members of staff who are currently accredited as AdWords professionals. Through Google’s various projects, the company has an enormous collection of data, which, when combined with their methods of tracking users’ behaviour on the web ensure that Google’s advertising efforts are as effective as possible. Its methods of pushing forward artificial intelligence and machine learning are happening at an “amazing if not alarming rate” (Davies 2017, online), meaning its influence on what data we see is likely to grow. The future of Google is likely to see it maintain its virtually unchallengeable position at the head of Internet search engine use and advertising revenue generation.

So, for example, in a search for ‘craft ale’ (see Fig. 2) Amazon might have set the highest bid for that phrase but it is listed underneath two smaller but more specialised craft beer sellers, with higher quality scores. For example, Google Glass, an augmented reality headset released in 2013, does not immediately seem linked to the business of a search engine. In shifting which words and phrases become discoverable through a search engine, and which are concealed, as well as how certain language becomes received in various contexts, economics comes to structure an increasing percentage of online linguistic communication. Google Assistant is a smart application as it engages in two-way communication with the user with voice input commands, also input via keyboard is there. Because advertisers are only charged when a user clicks on their advert there is no cost or disadvantage to placing bids on uncommon or unlikely words. Google makes a lot of money on some very competitive keywords like ‘flowers,’ ‘hotels,’ ‘vacation’ and ‘love.’ It also organises bids for buying the names of famous people (‘Picasso,’ ‘Freud’). Its search engine helped unlock many of the so-called ‘walled gardens’ of the Internet, including sites like AOL and Yahoo.

The value of some keywords like ‘snowboarding’ or ‘bikini’ varies seasonally. The interrelations of Google, Facebook, creators of fake news, and users demonstrate how economic value is being created and harvested from relationships that many online users would not see as primarily economic. There is an incentive to increase the prices of popular words but also to spread the reach of a campaign to niche words that might not seem in any way commodifiable but would have a low market value. There are a group of consumers who claim that the search engine giant has tried to bypass the security settings on Safari in order to automatically install the cookies that trace them for advertisements. Allegri, C, 2016. ‘Did Google search data provide a clue to Trump’s shock election victory? Google was described by commentators as a clear-cut trademark infringement that favoured American Blinds, however in a shock to many legal commentators, after ‘almost 4 years of litigation’ American Blinds finally dropped the suit in a ‘‘stunning victory for Google,’ wrote Eric Goldman, an assistant professor at Santa Clara University School of Law’ (in Auchard, 2007). Google has a track record for winning legal battles that establish digital normsFootnote 8 and this case changed the conventional understanding of how legal definitions of ownership translate online.

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