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Just like with sources, you can follow as many topics as you’d like, and Google News will aggregate all the news about it that it can find. Think of the The For You section like a Pandora station for news: It’ll show you articles related to things you like, and the more you use it the more personal it’ll get. Technology has been shaping world rapidly, things has been changing rapidly. In addition to allowing you to read your feeds even when your phone is offline, it also helps you manage podcasts and connect to twitter. This app can help smart phone users to access the lotus notes and Google services at the same time. Because Google News is always chronological and there’s no ‘read’ or ‘unread’ markings, it can be hard to keep track of every story you want to read. Want to read more stories like this one? One of law firm personnel has welcomed this decision and says that the company makes tons of money from the knowledge it advertises.

O’Neil (2016, p.1) explains that “this type of model is self-perpetuating, highly destructive, and very common.” Perhaps the most damning statement on the use of algorithms in societies based on data comes from Devlin (2017, online), who says that while societies which operate in this way “may seem appealing in the light of current political dysfunction worldwide … Snapchat is behind Instagram on users, but crucially, it has high levels of engagement, with the average user spending up to 30 minutes per day on the platform (Kenningham 2017, online). The innovation of algorithms, according to some analysts, means “even our political leanings are being analysed and potentially also manipulated” (Arvanitakis 2017, online), and a prime example of this was undertaken by Cambridge Analytica, a data mining organisation that relies on artificial intelligence with the goal of manipulating opinions and behaviours “with the purpose of advancing specific political agendas” (Arvanitakis 2017, online), in this case in the favour of Trump. If you’re looking for a specific source (like PCWorld, for instance), you can type that query into the search field and tap the Follow button that appears next to it. Inside the app’s settings you can customize your alerts so you’re not peppered with stories all day long.

Inside the overflow menu below every story you’ll see options for “More stories like this” and “Fewer stories like this,” as well as “Hide stories” from the source it’s coming from. Tap Share to send it to an app or a contact, or copy the link inside the app. As the two platforms subsume a larger share of digital ad revenues – a key revenue source for digital publishers – and face political scrutiny for their role in disseminating “fake news,” the platforms are attempting to mitigate some of the issues they’ve caused. We’ve tried our share of replacements-Feedly, Inoreader, NewBlur, etc.-but between subscription fees, cross-platform compatibility, and interface oddities, we’ve yet to find anything that completely fills the void Reader left in our feeds. But with a simplified interface and a nice combination of personalization and AI, it comprises a lot of what we loved about Google’s original RSS service. Social media optimization SMO plans include reliable and proven methods such as RSS feed optimization, forum posting, micro blogging, and social news distribution.

Technical expertise for search engine optimization (SEO) with planning customize unique SEO Service for each project which helps them to ensure good ranking results to clients website promotional campaigns. Google Reader was great for organizing, but it wasn’t so good at discovering new sources of information. Saving for later is a great way to make sure you remember them. The idea of this was to encourage users to make a post saying they had voted, which would, in turn, remind and encourage others to do the same. Headlines is a collection of the biggest stories of the day divided into topics (U.S., World, Technology, Sports, etc.), and are the same for all users and platforms. During a 2016 press conference, then-President Obama noted that “If everything seems to be the same and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect” and “Everything is true and nothing is true” (Jain 2016, online) on a social network such as Facebook. Repeat as necessary. Any source you follow will then appear as a publication on your favorites page, which will display a chronological feed of everything that site has published. Facebook, or Twitter. If you just want to save it for your own use, you can tap the bookmark icon and it’ll be added to your article list on your Favorites page.

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