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Now your readers can even access back issue with ease using the hosting services. Despite the many negative effects on democracy Facebook can have, it can be a positive force for it too. To what extent, do search engine algorithms affect democracy in Western societies? This essay discusses the role algorithms in websites, social media and search engines play in the democratic processes of Western societies. Information was collected from personal meta-data – information gathered from “previous searches, purchases and mobility behaviour, as well as social interactions” (Helbing et. Also Google Weather enable you to keep a tap on the weather conditions locally as well as globally. If you have a website that is ranked on the top pages for the relevant keywords on Google then you can be sure of it that your business is receiving a high amount of traffic towards their website. This can be helpful as a way to use add useful content and news to a website or blog within a particular service, business or industry.

But the thing is Samsung gets some momentum in page loading can be achieved with galaxy SIII. This data will be shown appropriate right your Page title and can assist individuals to uncover the page on Google plus. You will only require a time investment, not a money investment. Well, for web-based businesses it is high time to check one’s current online standings. Similar, and more serious, faults have meant that voters have been removed from electoral rolls, parents mistakenly labelled as abusive, and businesses have had government grants and contracts cancelled (Dormehl 2014, online). The convenience so hungrily sought by end-users is a commodity many online businesses are eager to sell, and the hidden clauses are often “unknowable and entirely beyond users’ control” (Ellis 2016, online). The more our lives become reliant on digital technology, the more we are likely to be influenced by algorithms, from everyday tasks like online shopping to our political participation in elections, referendums and other civic activities. Ellis (2016, online) explains how three factors shape the online lives of citizens of digital societies: “the endless search for convenience, widespread ignorance as to how digital technologies work, and the sacrifice of privacy and security to relentless improvements in the efficiency of e-commerce”.

A result of this is that online algorithms play a huge part in so many aspects of our lives. Google was as a result reasonably within no hurry toward diverging in excess of such a significant characteristic in the direction of its chief competitor in the mobile smart phone world. The web is developed in an effective way to create sensation and gain attention of experts in the mobile world. As the political mechanisms of Western societies rely increasingly on the Internet for communication of information and to encourage voter participation, the way algorithms are configured to present information to the public is of great importance. These bold actions are pursuant to Pack’s promise to rebuild the USAGM’s reputation, boost employee morale, and improve content. By definition, data is historical, and the result of which is that algorithms predict the future based on actions taken in the past, hence their actions can be repetitive and flawed. The best source of news from different areas is internet where we can easily explore the incidents and happenings of the world. Facebook and Google have a monopoly on news feeds and online search respectively, meaning any bias in the way their algorithms function can have ramifications on national and international levels.

Algorithms used in Facebook and Google have been extensively studied individually, but there has been less research on the overall effect of algorithms in democratic processes in Western societies. Evidence exists that manipulation of algorithms in Facebook and Google has participated in influencing the outcomes of elections on several occasions. Experts believe that this new move actually helps Google to modify its SERP listings and further hit back on the spammers from abusing the cyberspace. Experts say that this move of Google is too-late as iTunes already holds 70% share of digital music market. A 2016 Instagram study (Instagram 2016, online) found that, when posts were listed chronologically, users missed up to 70% of their feeds, and the platform changed to an algorithm-driven method of ordering. Algorithms offer many benefits to the democracies of Western societies, but often in a way that have many more advantages for institutions than they do for individual users of digital technologies (Ellis 2016, online). Manipulation of search engine rankings or social media news feeds – intentionally or organically – can have a huge impact on what voters see and think about. There are numerous photos and video sharing social media platforms that are being popular amongst the masses, thus this feature is likely to get popular among those users.

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